5 Weird Ways To Make Extra $$$

Do you want to make a little more money? Do you think the stimulus check is not enough? A side hustle is something that I love. However, they can be costly to start and often require a lot of labor and time. You don’t have much time to start a side business, so these are five ways you can make extra money.

Rent Your Tent

Although we all know that Airbnb allows us to list our properties, you can also rent out your plot of land, large backyard, basement, or tent. According to my research, a person who made $1600 a month renting out tents and camping gear earned that much. Turo or Getaround can rent your car, or you could even rent your spot in a parking garage! Spot Hero or Pavemint will give you cash for your parking spot, which could be a lot if you live in a transportation hub or by a stadium.

Get Your Grant On

There are tons of grants for gig workers, contract workers, and freelancers. Grant aggregators like grantspace.org or grants.gov are great options for broadening your search. You can also find various grants specific to your fields, such as grammy.com for musicians, pen.org for writers, and comedygivesback.com for comedians.

Sell the Dusty Stuff You Have

Are you still wearing clothes from years ago? Maybe you still have some birthday candles that smell like Febreze. These candles can be sold! Sell them! It’s not a bad idea to use eBay. You should carefully review the fees before posting anything. These companies may take a cut of any sale that you make. Be sure to read the fine print carefully.

Sell you…Stuff

It’s possible to sell everything your mamma gave, including your hair, blood plasma, eggs, or sperm. You don’t get your deposit back at sperm banks. Your eggs can be sold for as little as $4,000 to as high as $8,000. Although many companies you can contact to sell your eggs, I would recommend first reaching out to your local fertility clinic. They will make you feel more comfortable. Similar to a sperm bank – ask your doctor for recommendations on where to place the deed.

Take part in a clinical trial.

Participating in a research study could earn you a lot of money! You should be aware that there are clinical trials that could prove to be inconvenient. I don’t expect you to agree to all of these. There are rare occasions when you could make thousands of bucks in clinical research just for sleeping. There isn’t a single website to help you find clinical studies. You could try to make one, but it is best to Google “clinical trials in.” I recommend that you only enroll in studies conducted by hospitals, universities, research institutions, or organizations you are familiar with.

Get your Marie Kindo on! Make a list of everything of your own: your yard, your clothes, any notes you might have from college, and your sperm. Now think about what you can make money selling. There are many things that people sell, and you should, too.

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