How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Digital Marketing Jobs

It is a hot job market for digital marketers. A recent LinkedIn study has shown that digital marketing is one of the 10 most in-demand professions worldwide.

I decided to dig deeper. LinkedIn Sales Navigator revealed a high demand for SEO and digital marketing experts compared to other possible digital marketing hires.

You can find a role as a digital marketer if you’re looking.

It would help if you positioned yourself on LinkedIn to be a skilled digital marketing professional that is an excellent fit for the role you seek.

There are many places that you could apply for a job or be hired (such as company job boards and classifieds), but almost all recruiters or hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn profile during the hiring process.

LinkedIn is the best place you can highlight your achievements and personal brand.

It’s also an excellent way for businesses to grow. I’ve received more inbound emails from potential candidates for roles and opportunities as a consultant than through my website.

Optimizing LinkedIn profiles requires more than uploading a resume and adding some accomplishments. It may help if you thought about how your profile should be structured and use the right tools.

Your potential employer should see you as a fit and not just another digital marketer profile.

This column contains tips and best practices for optimizing LinkedIn profiles to help you land a digital marketing interview or a new job.

Background photos and profiles

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional profile. Use a neutral profile photo with a plain background. You should be the only person in the picture.

Background (the picture you can put at the top of your profile) should relate to your industry and hobbies. You can highlight your passions in this area.

You could also use a photo of yourself speaking at conferences. A screenshot of something related to your role might be a better option.

Your LinkedIn Headline is Prime Real Estate

Your headline is next to your picture and name on LinkedIn.

You can use it to grab attention or highlight your skills by using a sentence or two.

An example of a solid headline for a digital marketer would be “Digital marketer who has 5+ years of experience building organic and paid strategies through SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, and Email Marketing.”

Highlight results-based details whenever possible.

You can customize your LinkedIn headline to reflect the roles you’re looking for and the relevant experience.

Don’t spam it. The maximum length of the headline is 220 characters. It would help if you used all of them.

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn provides a progress report that encourages you to improve your profile. LinkedIn gives incomplete profiles more visibility than complete ones, so this is a crucial step to take.

Would you please fill out all sections of your profile, including:

  • Name
  • It is essential to choose a location.
  • Industry.
  • Contact Information
  • Skills and Endorsements
  • Current Jobs
  • Experiences
  • Accomplishments.
  • Interests

Include Something for Your Current Job. Do not leave this Field Blank.

Your current job title is an essential parameter in the LinkedIn search algorithm. This field should not be left empty.

Even if your job is not available, you can still add something you are doing—for example, a volunteer role in digital marketing.

You should be aware that your current job title is the default headline, even if you haven’t created one.

If you feel stuck or in doubt of what to do in next, create an entry for the position you want. “Looking for a job in the digital marketing industry.”

You can add your work experience to give recruiters a complete picture.

You don’t need to list every month; many times, the years will suffice. Also, you don’t have to list each and every job that you’ve done in your past.

Choose the Best Keywords

Your LinkedIn profile is searchable. Ensure you have included the terms that recruiters commonly use to search for professionals similar to you on your LinkedIn summary page.

Example: You can include keywords such as “Digital Marketer,” SEO, etc., for digital marketing jobs.

You can also modify your profile picture and banner to the keyword, which will increase your chances of being found.

Use the keywords you are looking for in the Summary and About pages to maximize search engine optimization.

Avoid spammy profiles as they will cause hiring managers and recruiters to be put off. It would help if you used your primary keyword and only add synonyms when appropriate.

Display your talents, accomplishments, and work skills

LinkedIn has one of the best features: you can show links, media, and articles related to your work in the About section.

This can be done if you are featured in a magazine/video. Links to your completed projects and works can be shared. A portfolio of completed projects/jobs will help recruiters better understand your unique skills.

List your accomplishments and skills while you are showcasing them. You can also quantify the growth and savings made, just like you would with your resume.

If you help a company increase sales through SEO, you can share this: “SEO For increased the visibility of their products in Google,” which results in a 15% increase in sales.

Additional Certifications, Licenses, and Experiences

LinkedIn is a unique platform that allows you to list your certifications, licenses, and qualifications and tell the story of your learnings and experiences.

Your descriptions should include experiences gained while working on certifications and projects.

Your Experience descriptions should include all of your digital marketing expertise. To show your expertise with these tools, there are many industry certifications that you can obtain from tool providers.

Google also offers several certifications that will look great on LinkedIn. They are well worth it simply because you’ll learn a lot while taking the tests.

LinkedIn: Posting

You should also follow these tips above to optimize your LinkedIn profile. To improve your visibility on the network, you should regularly post updates related to digital marketing.

Share your opinion on a project, new developments in online advertising, or thoughts about current events and digital marketing news.

If you aren’t ready to publish yet, you can start by commenting on posts from industry leaders, friends, and colleagues.

Regular LinkedIn activity can help keep your profile visible to your network. This could also increase your visibility in LinkedIn’s results.

Some don’ts

Industry buzzwords you should only post relevant information to your interests, experience, qualifications, and profile. Don’t use industry buzzwords, jargon, or terms that are not easy to understand.

Do not ignore connection requestsEvery connection request I receive is taken into consideration. LinkedIn is a social networking site. A more extensive network will help you reach more people. While you can always unfollow spammers, the upside to connecting with them is more important.

Through LinkedIn connections, I have met incredible people that I would never have accepted if this wasn’t my rule.

Copy/Pasting your Resume Your expertise, skills, and experience should be compellingly told. You should not copy/paste your resume focusing on your past jobs or roles. This will not appeal to recruiters and won’t win the attention of HR managers.

If you are a digital marketing expert, ensure your profile is built around that expertise and shares plenty of information with the reader.

Embellish your Profile Professional reputation should be taken seriously. One should only use verifiable facts.

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