Are You Being The Best Leader You Can Be? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Leaders who integrate self-reflection into everyday development are on the right track to greatness. Managers need to regularly evaluate their performance and determine if they are meeting their leadership goals. This can be seen in the interpretation of their team and the results they have achieved.

The Young Entrepreneur Council’s ten members discussed one question that managers should ask to be the best leaders possible. 

1. What can I expect from my team?

Too often, our expectations get out of line, and we lose sight. Management is teaching. It is essential to recognize that everyone will perform differently but still reach their goals. Give your team the freedom to implement your lessons in their way.

2. Are I focusing on the strengths of my team, or am I losing sight of them?

Managers need to be aware of the unique strengths that each team member brings to the table. Every person is different. It’s important to make sure that every member of your team’s strengths is acknowledged, recognized, and highlighted. Expecting the best from everyone can lead to discouragement and burnout.

3. Am I clear in communicating with my team

Managers should examine whether they are communicating their expectations to their staff. Failure is the result of expectations are not met. There will almost always be failure or disappointment when there aren’t clear expectations. Your team needs to know what your goal is and how you expect it to be achieved.

4. Are I able to balance both small and more significant tasks?

You need to ask yourself whether you can balance both your daily tasks and the larger picture. Sometimes employees may have trouble balancing their new responsibilities and the changes in expectations. If you have multiple clients demanding you and the desired game, it can be challenging to balance your goals.

5. How could things be better?

Feedback is essential to my success. I ask my team members, “How can we make things better?” This allows me to listen and learn from my team instead of waiting for my turn. It would help if you created a culture in which your team can share their thoughts with you beyond one question.

6. Whom have I helped today

Every day I love to ask myself, “Who have you helped today?” This applies especially to my work life, but it can be used in many other areas. It helps me think about how I’ve helped others. Any help they received, whether it was answering their question, teaching them something, or scheduling time to meet, counts.

7. Do I have the right problem?

This question every leader must ask as they guide their teams to solve problems and achieve shared goals. There will be different answers to this question. One would be your ability to execute your leadership plans quickly. For effective execution, you must solve communication, talent, and vision issues.

8. Am I reaching my monthly goals?

“Am I reaching my monthly goals, and am my team meeting theirs?” If not, how can I improve? This will allow a manager to assess where improvements can be made or help them keep their team on track.

9. Are I encouraging employees to achieve their full potential by creating an environment?

Understanding the relationship between a manager and employee is essential for a leader. Although this relationship is seen as a one-way road (employees working for the business’ goals), it works both ways. To help employees achieve their long-term objectives, a great leader will unlock the potential in them.

10. What mental obstacles should I deal with?

We are so busy achieving goals and moving forward; we fail to see our face’s mental obstacles. Mental blocks may include imposter syndrome, fear of missing out, and other issues. Clearing mental blocks can help you move forward quicker than focusing solely on your goal.

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