What to Do About Old Low Quality Content

John Mueller from Google answers the question of what to do with ancient content.

John Mueller from Google was asked his opinion on the content of low quality and older content. Do you think it would be better to delete the content? Would it be better for the content to be removed?

Old Content and Content of Low Quality

John Mueller approached this question as if it were two questions.

His initial answer was about whether the content is inferior because it’s older.

The second part of his reply addressed the issue regarding low-quality content.

This is a fundamental question. Some people will make harmful content go away and treat it like weeds. When content becomes old, some types of content are similar.

Improved Website – Old and Poor Content

SEO was “bad” initially and that he wrote subsequent, content-quality-wise, “bad articles.”

His question was: Should he delete lower-quality articles after writing more quality articles?

He followed up with a comment about how to handle genuinely awful content.

Enhancing Old Content

Some content is impossible to improve, such as the content on outdated topics. These are the types of content that cannot be rehabilitated.

This is where I’d advise you to either fix it or take it out.

It is possible to improve other content types.

Common examples include hundreds of city page templates that are cookie cutter. In these pages, the city’s name can be replaced with another, and different blocks of text are added to create unique combinations of content from the same dozen content blocks. These tactics are old and easy to find by search engines.

However, you can rehabilitate those pages by using creativity and hard work.

Sometimes, it’s best to redirect destructive content to better content about the same or similar topic. This is the easiest method to deal with outdated and non-good content.

There are many options for rehabilitating old, low-quality content. John Mueller mentioned that there are two options.

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