Strategies From A Dental Tech Entrepreneur: 3 Reasons To Move Your Business From In-Person To Hybrid

We now see the positive effects of the rapid digitization in the last year, helping us get over the pandemic. It was a positive outcome to a terrible time in the world’s history, and it will eventually help our recovery. Even though their business models relied on in-person services, many industries came up with new ways of reaching customers during the pandemic.

The healthcare industry is the most prominent in-person sector. This has been undergoing digital transformation through care delivery innovations such as telehealth and healthcare tech companies’ support. SRS Web Solutions Inc. was one such company. Samad Syed, a CEO, was frustrated by the outdated healthcare system after a major procedure. He decided to develop a solution. He was confronted with a fragmented and siloed system of healthcare, which had communication gaps between departments and tedious paper processes that were susceptible to human error. He realized there was a market need for better healthcare and set about to make it more efficient.

SRS Web Solutions Inc. brings digitization and remote access into a different industry: dentistry. The medical field has been digitizing over the last few decades, but dentistry has remained largely paper-based and in person.

Small groups or single dentists manage many dental practices. According to the American Dental Association, in 2017, 77 percent of dentists owned their practice. SRS Web Solutions allows dental offices to digitize quickly and keep pace with the rest in the healthcare industry. Their platform, consent, is focused on improving the customer experience through technology–digitizing patient intake forms, insurance verification, and enabling video consultations remotely.

Syed’s tale shows us that entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed need to look at technology to improve customer experience. It means making things easier, safer, more convenient, and more secure. Entrepreneurs from any industry can use this. Ask your industry which areas are most in need of innovation. We can take Syed’s example and apply it across industries as we shift towards digitizing in-person business.

Automate essential everyday practices

Digitization simplifies complex processes and allows employees to concentrate on providing care. This was especially true in dentistry. Most of the essential paperwork was eliminated by dental service providers, such as large intake forms. This allowed healthcare professionals to spend their time treating patients and not on administrative tasks.

Automation works best when applied to daily tasks, no matter if you are an entrepreneur or not in the dental industry. Digitalization can help you to improve the accuracy of mundane tasks and make your employees more customer-focused.

Meet your customers right where they are

Digitalization was a critical tool that enabled companies to communicate with their customers via alternative channels during the pandemic. This still holds post-pandemic. Many of us have experienced changes or shifts in our routines. These changes are now part of our daily life. It’s possible to reach customers no matter where they live with virtual meetings and digitization. We’ve seen this trend across many industries, and it is now happening in the dental sector.

Similarly, entrepreneurs must evaluate the best places to meet their customers, especially in-person companies. To make this happen, dental practitioners have adopted systems such as consent. However, they also recognize that it is impossible to do a root canal remotely. Other in-person businesses may use digitization to meet their customers via social media outreach and online ordering with in-store pickup.

Secure customer-data

It is essential to ensure that customer data is secure in the digital age. To embrace digitization and provide a positive customer experience, entrepreneurs must ensure that their tech-based processes remain secure and safe. Special care must be taken for healthcare providers to ensure that all digitized processes conform to industry standards, such as HIPAA.

However, even if you don’t have data protection rules in your industry like the healthcare industry. It is vital to prioritize data security and assure customers that their information is safe when looking for digital tools. Transparency in digital business is crucial for success.

The digital revolution has changed how we do business. SRS Web Solutions has shown that digitization can transform any industry. It can also make customers’ experiences more powerful, even though they may be miles away. Entrepreneurs who can identify a hole in the industry and find ways to make it fillable by improving the customer experience will win more business than competitors. This is something to be proud of.

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