4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Mobile Technology’s Potential

Globally, there are 3.8 million smartphones. This means that less than half the world’s population has access. These devices account for more than half of all web traffic, video views, and visits, and Mobile is the platform behind many business innovations because of this level of user engagement. Mobile is the future for entrepreneurs in every industry.

Are you interested in improving your marketing? Meet users using their mobile devices.

While email marketing is widely considered the gold standard, data shows that text messaging can offer many benefits. Research has shown that text messages have a 98% response rate to emails, while email’s 20% rate is much lower. The 45% response rate for texts is also far superior to email’s 6.6%. A lot of consumers prefer to use their phones when shopping in physical stores. For example, 70% of shoppers would rather have their phone answer their questions than ask an employee.

However, mobile isn’t only taking over marketing and retail. Telehealth is a growing subset that offers healthcare conveniences and safety. Patients are using their mobile phones to communicate with their doctors and other healthcare providers. Patients want to be able to communicate with their doctors via text. This can help increase patient satisfaction by up to 96%.

Mobile technology continues to evolve in every sector. Entrepreneurs must include mobile technology in their customer interactions. There are many options for mobile adoption, and these four innovations can be an excellent place to start.

1. Protect consumers.

Information about the user’s behavior can be gathered from mobile devices. While many companies use this data to develop more targeted marketing campaigns, it also can be used to protect consumers. Max Bichsel (Vice President of U.S. Gambling.com) shared a few examples: “Regulating sports betting and mobile gambling will defend consumers against off-shore operators who don’t need to adhere to any laws and raise capital for problem gambling programs. Mobile allows operators to monitor customers’ mobile behavior, allowing them to offer a more responsible gambling experience while also encouraging better business practices.

All industries can take this as a model and use mobile platforms for customer care. To confirm large purchases, retailers might send customers texts. Fitness clubs may remind members to make use of their membership before it expires. However, no matter what you do, it’s essential to comply with state and federal regulations about mobile communication.

2. Make sure to keep your physical spaces clean.

QR codes were invented in 1994 by MasahiroHara. By the aughts, they had become a marketing staple. However, consumers didn’t take to them as quickly as marketers, and they were soon labeled a fad. All that changed in 2012 when germs became the number one public enemy. One and consumers began preferring digital interactions to those with physical ones.

Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 Payments, says that QR code-based payments never really took off before the pandemic. People were able to pull up menus from their phones during the pandemic. Then they also use QR codes to pay. They are even ordering using QR codes. I think that some of this is here to stay; it’s just convenient.” It’s convenient but also reflects the touchless future. Every time you eliminate a physical touchpoint in your business, you remove a source of disease transmission. Customers will notice the difference and enjoy a smoother experience.

3. Cashless payments are possible

92% of small business owners added contactless payment options to their operations at the beginning of the pandemic. Even though vaccinations are becoming more common, consumers will continue looking for these options. Entrepreneurs from all industries will be required to offer them. It is safer since it prevents germs from spreading but also has other advantages.

Cashless payments allow you to process more customers by using fewer checkout lanes. Research shows that cash transactions are up to four to five times slower than card payments. Other data indicates that contactless payment can sometimes be ten times faster than the other methods. You can also accept payment via mobile devices to ensure customers don’t abandon your business due to forgetting their wallets or reloading their debit cards. Additionally, mobile payments provide valuable data to help your marketing team understand user preferences and habits.

4. Transform the shopping experience

Many in-person retail establishments were devastated by the pandemic. To reestablish their businesses, they will need to provide an exceptional experience. A recent study found that 76% of respondents wanted to access personalized in-store experiences using their mobile phones. This demand must be met by retail entrepreneurs who use mobile to assist customers in finding, researching, and comparing products. Customers can even try on the products online and share photos with their friends.

Warby Parker is a well-known example of this. The company revolutionized retail eyewear. It allowed people to shop online for glasses, order them from their homes and pick them up at a store.

Retailers must protect customer privacy as mobile devices transform retail. Over 32% of consumers would not trade their data security for a better shopping experience. Entrepreneurs will have to prioritize both these aspects to reach as many customers as possible.

There is a lot that mobile technology can offer consumers. It also provides excellent potential for entrepreneurs who can find creative ways to integrate it into their business. But, don’t stop there. Every business can benefit from mobile technology, and yours will be no different.

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