Why Your Company’s Security Starts With Company Culture

Because many critical pieces of information, company tools, and customer data sets are stored in the cloud, cybersecurity is becoming a concern for business owners and entrepreneurs. A single mistake can cause a company’s reputation to be damaged. 

Hook Security’s founders recognized the difficulty entrepreneurs face in training their staff to protect data. Zachary Eikenberry, CEO, and Adam Anderson, chairman, chose to educate and empower data security issues. They concluded that digital security issues are a function of company culture.

Cybersecurity can be described as “psychological safety.”

Anderson and Eikenberry created the term “psychological safety,” which means that cybersecurity or cybercrime problems are caused by behavioral or cultural issues within a company. They found that most companies have a culture of shame and fear in cybersecurity education. Although employees are warned not to make errors or that they could be very costly, they aren’t given the tools necessary to prevent them from making them.

Hook Security advises that employees are trained holistically, and the office culture is kept in mind. Hook Security informs employers that employees need to feel secure at work before dealing with threats outside the workplace. Anderson and Eikenberry believe workers often feel underutilized and unappreciated and that some might even seek revenge for the treatment they received.

To help employees feel safe and secure, the team employs education and empowerment.

A holistic approach is key to company success.

Hook Security’s holistic approach is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to learn. They didn’t try to find quick solutions that would cause more stress or uncertainty among employees. They instead looked at the root cause, which was a lack of unity in the companies.

Hook Security’s first concern is to ensure that its clients have clear communication and expectations. Their business model tackles a common problem in entrepreneurship–cybersecurity–but they don’t forget to take care of the people affected by the issue.

The same applies to entrepreneurs who are facing problems in their businesses. Entrepreneurs should seek holistic solutions. Implement strategies and tools that will help employees succeed. This could be a security system or a set process to ensure safety. The second is to consider personal, communication, or relationship issues contributing to the workplace problem. Hook Security recognizes that cybersecurity threats are constantly changing and must be continuously reevaluated strategies. The risks that could threaten company success and safety change frequently, and entrepreneurs must understand this. Leadership must be holistic and consistent.

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