How Much Is A Ticket To Space? $100,000 If You Can Wait A Decade—But Here’s How To Pay Nothing

What is the cost of a ticket to Space? It depends on the person you book with, what you want to do there, and if you are lucky.

It’s worth noting that a ticket to go to Space can cost up to $55 million for a “proper” orbital flight, as well as a visit at the International Space Station (ISS), on the day Jeff Bezos, billionaire Amazon founder, and Blue Origin founder, go to Space.

Is it possible to travel to Space for nothing? You can! Enter to enter a contest for Virgin Galactic tickets. Keep an eye out for new competitions as space tourism flights on Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are scheduled. This is likely to happen in 2022.

An expert predicted that sub-orbital space travel, such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, could cost approximately $100,000 in a decade. This is according to

Bank of America Merrill Lynch previously predicted that space tourism would grow to $2.7 trillion within 30 years.

It is essential to distinguish between orbital and sub-orbital space tourism. Sub-orbital “up-and-down” missions in supersonic planes or rockets, such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, are shorter and more expensive than orbital missions.

Each of the four private astronauts will be spending $55 million to take part in the personal 10-day Axiom 1 mission, which includes an 8-day stay on the ISS.

This makes the $28million Blue Origin paid in an auction to secure a seat on the sub-orbital flight’s first 11-minute duration – a chair that an 18-year-old Dutch boy will use – seem astronomical.

Space for all is a common phrase in the space tourism industry. However, there is likely to be a massive demand for the first flight, which will lead to high asking prices. Blue Origin is believed to be asking for $500,000, although prices are not yet known.

Virgin Galactic is also planning to launch private flights into Space in 2022. Before it stopped selling tickets, it charged $250,000 per ticket. It has stated that it would like to charge $40,000 for access, but this is long-term.

Space Perspective is the most cost-effective way to travel to Space. They plan to launch a pressurized capsule propelled with a high-performance balloon.

Spaceship Neptune One and Spaceship Neptune will take off from Space Coast Spaceport in Florida in a six-hour flight that costs $125,000 per person. However, this flight will not be completed until 2024.

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