This Entrepreneur Is On A Mission To Tackle Global Health Challenges

As the success stories of BioNTech and Moderna mRNA-based vaccinations continue to be celebrated, the sector is still hot.

Mountain Valley, MD (MVMD) is one of these companies. Their proprietary technology could be the key to making world-class vaccines and drugs more cost-effective, affordable, and more widely available. They are also developing a medication that will treat many of the most difficult-to-treat types of cancer.

Dennis Hancock, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, is at the helm. Dennis Hancock has more than 25 years of experience representing internationally recognized brands in the automotive and technology sectors. He is now charting a course for MVMD to the top in the biotech sector.

A man on a mission

Dennis Hancock joined MVMD in 2018 as a consultant after hearing that the firm was looking at novel uses for the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin. This medication has been widely used since the 1970s to treat some of the most persistent parasitic threats in the world.

Cancer is the most well-known.

Dennis was a close friend who had lost many people to this disease and jumped at the opportunity to find a treatment. Dennis was thrilled to accept the role of CEO to help grow the company and brand globally when the opportunity presented itself.

He immediately placed his stamp on the company and demanded that they do everything possible to do their research practices. He said that he wanted the company to embrace technology-driven solutions and encouraged rapid failure. My opinion is that businesses that don’t make mistakes every day aren’t trying hard enough.

Encourage early results

Dennis’s mentality prompted MVMD to seek early testing of Ivectosol (its proprietary version of Ivermectin) as an enhancement for existing cancer drugs. His conviction in the medicine paid off early.

Early model testing for Triple-Negative breast Cancer showed that oral Ivermectin was combined with a Checkpoint Inhibitor to increase the response rate by over 40%. The checkpoint inhibitor acting on its own only had a 5% effect. Dennis said that the results encouraged them to move forward. It’s a fantastic result, and MVMD is rolling at full speed ahead. Although it’s a rugged mountain to climb, it could be the final reward: A world in which our bodies can beat cancer and win.

A technology licensing model

Dennis has helped MVMD establish partnerships with a close-knit group of industry colleagues to speed its breakthroughs into the marketplace and people in need. To keep our company laser-focused on research and technology development, it was best to partner with established companies who have the capacity and production facilities to make our technology marketable as quickly as possible.

Working with partners with broad reach and seeing the same things we do is key to scaling up our impact. He said that staying agile, strong, and entrepreneurial is what we need to make our mission a reality.

Dennis believes this approach is compatible with another company project: A proprietary technology that will eliminate the need for expensive and complicated cold-chain storage when combined with existing medications and vaccines.

This is the same problem that’s causing the global drive to a vaccine against the COVID-19 pandemic. Dennis views it as a challenge to be overcome. He explained that over $35 billion in vaccines is wasted each year in a recent interview. MVMD’s technology removes the need to have a traditional cold chain. This means that people in hot countries who most need vaccines will be able to get them.

Dennis positioned MVMD more as a technology licensor than a direct producer of pharmaceuticals. Once the technology is available, it can make a global impact.

For the common good of all, we must work together.

Dennis says that the vision is what drives the entire enterprise. The mission of MVMD is to positively impact the health, wellbeing, and wellbeing of the planet. 

Dennis describes the team’s spirit as “they trust in the limitless potential of science, fueled with human empathy, and all to save millions from the tragedy of preventable diseases.”

Dennis and his team are determined to transform modern medicine.

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