Elon Musk claims he turned down ‘several high-paid jobs’ on Wall Street. He’s now worth $187 billion and is the world’s second-richest person.

Tesla CEO Elon Tesla claims that he abandoned “several lucrative” jobs on Wall Street to concentrate on the booming technology industry.

Bloomberg reports that Musk said Monday that he had been offered several Wall Street jobs. “I declined.”

He didn’t give any details about the roles, nor which companies had tried to hire him.

Musk made these comments as part of a lawsuit regarding Tesla’s purchase of SolarCity in 2016. He was sued by shareholders and other Tesla board members in 2017 for allegedly bailing out SolarCity (founded by two of Musk’s cousins).

Musk and all other Tesla board members were awarded $60 million each in January 2020.

Musk entered technology instead of going into finance. Musk, who is currently worth $187 million, has reacted with Jeff Bezos (ex-Amazon CEO).

Musk is the CEO and founder of SpaceX and automaker Tesla. He also has a background in finance, though he never had a job at Wall Street. Musk started the online bank X.com, later becoming PayPal. He is a strong advocate for cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin.

Both the finance and tech industries are well-known for their long workweeks and high burnout rates. Musk stated previously that he works between 85-100 hours per week and must break his day into five-minute chunks to fit everything in.

He said that he hated being Tesla’s CEO and would rather spend time designing and engineering at Monday’s hearing.

Musk has ambitious goals for his fortunes. He repeatedly stated that he intends to sell his majority of possessions, including all his homes, to help fund a colony on Mars.

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