Google Offers 5 Content Creation Tips for Success

Successful content creators offer tips on how to create a sustainable strategy for content creation.

Google’s blog posted tips for creating content that drives success. This article featured stories from YouTube creators as well as bloggers.

Making it more interesting because online marketing success is much more than SEO.

How to publish successful content

The article showcased the experiences of four successful content creators.

Advice from real people is much more valuable than opinions from people who repeat the same information from blogs.

The following topics are the five main areas of advice:

  1. Block time on your schedule
  2. Be true to yourself
  3. You can create batches
  4. Reduce, Rework, and Repurpose Content
  5. Prioritize quality over value

Give yourself some time to create

This is what most successful writers agree to. You can’t wait for inspiration to strike.

The key to a successful content creation strategy forces you to get down and create.

Nick Cave, the legendary musician, commented recently on the importance of content creation being treated as a job and not a spiritual communication with inspiration.

Google mentioned Rigel Gemini (a musician and lifestyle blogger). She suggested setting aside a day each week to create content.

Play to your strengths

Mata Leiataua (fashion blogger and believer) offers her the following advice. Mata Leiataua encourages content makers to discover their style.

Everybody has a style.

Some artists are quiet or shy but loud and boisterous in their writing or performances. It’s the style they feel most comfortable with, and it works well for them.

You can create batches.

This is a good piece of advice. You should sit down and create. Take the results and schedule their publication.

Rework, reduce and reuse your content

Next, let’s talk about how to spread your content across multiple channels.

Podcasters can make their content available as a blog post or YouTube video.

YouTube creators can repurpose video content and transform it into articles.

Kevin Espiritu is a YouTube creator and podcaster. He observes that viewers seek content based upon the context of the moment.

Others might like to read content during lunch.

Multiple channels allow a creator to publish content to a broader audience at different times.

Prioritize quality over value

Quality is often a problem in content creation strategies.

It is not uncommon for each article to become a colossal undertaking, emphasizing comprehensiveness and equating quality with wordiness.

A Top 500 article to attempt to outrank a publisher ranking well with a Top 50 is a foolish approach to content creation.

Focusing on value is the best way to write content.

Content is key to success.

Common SEO strategies include creating a list of the most popular keywords and creating content based on those keywords.

But content creation is more than just SEO Keywords. Another alternative is to give readers meaningful content.

People will return to sites that offer them the enjoyment of discovery and meaningful content.

You can make content that is relevant to current events. It can be funny. It is this kind of content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Leonard Cohen said in an interview that creation is about understanding the world, creating something out of it, and then feeling confident and dignified (i.e., This act of creation requires self-respect.

Although keyword-based content can be helpful, it’s essential to have meaningful and relevant content for you.

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