Dubai sets a world record: A 200-foot deep pool with a ‘sunken city’

Dubai now has the right to claim the deepest pool in the world.

Deep Dive Dubai officially opened on July 7, only ten days after being named by Guinness World Records the world’s deepest swimming pool.

The new indoor pool measures nearly 200 feet and holds almost 3.7 million gallons. It also contains an enormous underwater attraction, resembling a city in the sea. Divers can explore it on their own or with help from a guide.

Tourists aged ten and over can visit the attraction.

‘Sunken City’

Dubai’s vertical diving pool is filled with graffiti, crumbling facades, and a giant Marilyn Monroe portrait. There is an apartment building and a library—even an arcade with foosball, pool, and Pac-Man machines.

According to the website, it will take several dives to explore the underwater city fully.

Divers who are beginners can dive up to 40 feet deep, while certified divers can explore the whole pool alone or with a guide. You can also “free-dive” with certified divers. This is when you dive without using any tanks and only your breath. Divers can also take courses to learn new skills.

Bookings can be made only by invitation. Will Smith, an actor, and rapper, shared his experience in an Instagram photo that was liked more than 3,000,000 times in four days.

Swimming in pools is an attractive sport.

There are many benefits to diving in a pool over the ocean. The collection is controlled by weather conditions and water quality. Dive trips are not canceled due to bad weather or currents.

Even in lower depths, the pool water can be well lit. Dubai’s new pool is equipped with 156 lights that are placed throughout the collection. The pool also has an 86 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

The only thing that isn’t living is coral. This is what makes leisure diving so enjoyable. This isn’t an issue for Kyle McGee, a Dubai-based American with 15 years of experience in diving places like Egypt, Madagascar, and the Galapagos Islands.

“When diving, our attention is often on the ocean, so it would be great to explore other underwater activities without having to worry about finding fish,” he stated. I think it would be a great way for divers to learn buoyancy while also playing and exploring.

Dubai’s latest attraction is also suitable for inexperienced divers. Lindsay Myers, the television travel commentator, is interested in learning to dive but finds the open ocean scary.

She stated that she would feel more at ease learning to dive in a pool. “This pool is great because it’s a baby step into the direction to diving eventually in the sea.”

Liju Cherian, a neighboring country from Oman, also agreed. Due to an asthma condition, he’s always wanted to learn to dive. Deep Dive Dubai has attracted his attention because he prefers to “dive in a swimming pool rather than an ocean,” at least initially.

Dubai holds another record.

Abdulla Bin Habtoor, a spokesperson for Deep Dive Dubai, said that the pool was an investment in Dubai’s growing sports culture and adventure tourism industries.

Dubai is also home to another world-record architectural feat:

Dubai is well-known because of its Guinness World Records. They include the largest ever breakfast cereal meal (1,354 participants) and the most significant fountain at The Pointe Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai also has the distinction for having the fastest police car, and a Bugatti Veyron bought in 2016 at $1.6 million.

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