YouTube Improves Content Discovery With ‘New to You’ Feed

YouTube has launched a new feed called “New to You” on mobile to assist content creators in finding new viewers.

YouTube has added a new feature for its mobile homepage. It’s intended to make it easier to find the content you haven’t previously seen.

This will allow channels to get more videos found by people other than their audience.

The feature is called New to You and, as its name implies, curates a feed that contains content that’s brand new to the user.

YouTube users complain that their home feeds don’t get updated with the same type of recommendations.

YouTube created New for You to help users explore beyond their usual recommendations and view different videos that match their interests.

Find out more about New to You. It will help you get more viewers to your content.

YouTube’s newest to you feed

YouTube’s latest feature will be available on mobile home pages for users in two ways.

YouTube refers to the first way as NEW to You on refresh

Tap on it to get a new set of recommendations with content that they haven’t previously seen.

Users will find this feature on the prompt.

What’s New?

The feed offers an option to allow users to access the New to You feed. The option will open a new set of exploratory recommendations, where users can discover new types of videos.

Explore Feed vs. New to you

YouTube makes it a point to note that YouTube’s New to You feed is distinct from the Explore feed.

YouTube’s Explore tool allows users to find videos in specific verticals such as beauty or gaming.

Explore is not personalized for each user.

The New to You feed, on the other hand, is personalized.

YouTube is creating this feature to balance content users love with content they might not usually see.

However, the search doesn’t take into account their past viewing history.

Explore offers a similar set to all users, but each user sees their unique feed.

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