Jeff Bezos wishes Richard Branson ‘a successful and safe’ flight ahead of his journey to the edge of space

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, executive chairman of Amazon, wished Richard Branson good luck on Saturday ahead of his historic journey towards the edge of space.

Bezos posted an Instagram message on Saturday afternoon wishing Bezos and his entire team a safe and successful flight tomorrow. “Best of Luck!”

Branson’s Sunday flight is just nine days before Bezos’ planned trip to the edge of space with his brother and other crew members aboard Blue Origin Spacecraft’s New Shepard. Branson will be the founder of the first space company to launch into space.

Bezos wrote in an Instagram post that “Ever since I was five years of age, I’ve dreamed about traveling to space.” “On July 20th, I will go on that journey along with my brother.”

Bob Smith, Blue Origin’s CEO, stated that Branson had announced his intention to beat Bezos by just over a month to space.

Smith said that Smith wishes him a safe flight, but they’re not above the Karman line, and it’s quite a different experience.

NOAA estimates that the Karman line is approximately 62 miles away from the Earth’s surface.

Branson claimed that there was no rivalry between him and Bezos during an interview on NBC’s TODAY. Branson earlier this week stated that “I know no one will believe me when it’s said, but frankly there’s not.”

Elon Musk was the billionaire founder of SpaceX and Tesla. He wished Branson success earlier Saturday and said that he’d be there for Branson’s launch Sunday.

Branson will join the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crew on Sunday as the VVS Unity reaches an altitude of 55 miles. The pilots will start the engines at the maximum height. Once it comes to that point, Branson and his crew will feel weightless for five minutes.

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