‘Black Widow’ snags $80 million from its theatrical debut, $60 million from Disney+

“Black Widow,” the pandemic-era film, has won the box office crown.

The domestic box office for the latest Marvel film was $80million during its debut. It is the most significant film to be released following the Covid epidemic. According to Comscore data, 81% of theaters were opened to the public during the weekend.

Universal’s F9 was the previous record-holder. It had earned $70 million in three days of its launch into theaters.

Walt Disney also disclosed that Disney+ Premier Access has brought in more than $60 Million worldwide from the sales of the film. This is the first release by the company of information regarding movie sales from its streaming service.

“This is an unusual way of reporting on opening weekend business, but Disney should be credited for detailing what was generated via streaming and the actual box-office,” Shawn Robbins said, chief analyst at Boxoffice.com. “Hopefully, this will set an industry standard for greater transparency. But it’s essential to keep in perspective the unique circumstances we are living in.

Furthermore, Black Widow earned $78 million from international ticket sales.

Paul Dergarabedian (Comscore senior media analyst) stated that Marvel’s brand equity is unrivaled. This is evident in the historical box office numbers that Marvel Cinematic Universe films have generated. “Hence, it should not surprise that ‘Black Widow” snagged a record-breaking debut and developed the most extensive overall weekend during the pandemic.

Comscore data shows that domestic box office sales total more than $100 million for the first time since March 2020. This figure stands at $116.9 Million.

Analysts for the box office predicted that Black Widow would gross at least $80million heading into the weekend. Many believe the film could be a huge success, even with advanced solid ticket sales.

Disney has not previously spoken out about the impact of its streaming service’s same-day offering on theatrical releases. Its $60 million profit on Disney+ is proof that it can be a viable option. Disney’s next Marvel film, “Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings,” won’t be available in theaters.

Robbins stated, “Whether or not Disney+ earnings should still be considered successful is almost impossible right now.” “This is due to the non-existence of comparison points and the long-term effect regarding the degradation in downstream revenues and the exacerbated concerns around piracy which remain top of mind for future hybrid releases.

Disney will continue sharing streaming data every week or just on infrequent occasions to promote strong opening weekend debuts.

“If Disney keeps to its theatrically exclusive plans for some or all of its most significant movies after this summer, we’ll be able to have better clarity about the meaning of these numbers,” he said. “If the studio continues focusing on one film at the time in a global market still struggling with the pandemic,” he said.

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