$25,000 Trump Painting, QAnon Merch And A White Nationalist Ejected: The Wildest Moments Of CPAC

This weekend, right-wing Republicans visited Dallas, Texas, to attend the 2nd Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), 2021. This event featured viral moments that highlighted the party’s loyalty and support for former President Donald Trump.

CPAC, a gathering of conservative activists, has been hosted annually by American Conservative Union since 1974. There have been two events in 2021. The first was held in Orlando in February.

“It is horrifying. They are cheering for someone who says it’s a good idea for people not to attempt to save their lives,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said about the crowd cheering for low vaccine rates. He added, “I don’t understand it.”

70%. It’s the share that CPAC attendees voted in Trump’s favor in an unscientific straw survey of the 2024 Republican presidential election. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis finished second at 21%. All other candidates received 1% or lower.

“If it’s negative, I’ll call it fake. Trump stated that if it is good, it is the best poll ever.” He spoke about the straw poll result, which he did unknown, in a speech to the conference.

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