Jason Derulo Is Reintroducing Himself — As an Actor, Singer, and Father

Although many know him for his music, most people know him by his first name. Jason Derulo became a well-known singer and songwriter by including his name in nearly all of his songs at the beginning. The bestselling actor, songwriter, and dancer is still a household name.

Derulo broke onto the music scene in 2009 when his debut single, “Whatcha Say,” reached number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The song sold over 5,000,000 copies in the US. “Whatcha Say” would be just the first in a long string of Platinum-selling singles such as “In My Head,” “Ridin’ Solo,” “Wiggle,” or “Talk Dirty.”

At just four years old, Derulo knew that he was bound for stardom. He tells Forbes of his musical childhood: “I was a Michael Jackson child.” “The first time Michael Jackson was on my stage, it was the moment I realized that I wanted to perform. I knew I wanted a career as a performer. Seeing him on stage was the beginning of it all.” He discovered musical theatre in middle school, fell in love, and trained in dance, theater, music, and theater. He recalls being the consummate entertainer.

In the early 2010s, Derulo dominated R&B and pop music. His singles were a constant presence at radio stations and on charts. Many credit his music with inventing trends like 2010’s pop music using saxophones. His talent as a dancer led to him being invited to judge the Australian series Everybody Dance Now and So You Think You Can Dance.

The platinum-selling singer added another title this year to his accomplishments: father. Jason King, the son of Jason King and Jena Frumes, was welcomed into his life in May 2021. He couldn’t be happier.

He smiles and says, “It is amazing just to wake up to that bundle o’ joy, man.” It’s a brand new love, unlike any other you’ve had. It has brought me closer to my father.

Derulo’s latest project sees him returning to the big screen for the first time since 2019, ‘s Cats. He will be playing Ron Isley, music legend, in the Neil Bogart biopic Spinning Gold. This film tells the story of Casablanca Records founder and Casablanca Records founder. It chronicles his life, which helped bring acts such as The Isley Brothers, Donna Summer, and Kiss to international fame.

“I love the story and the way it portrays the music business as the mafia of those times. Derulo giggles that I think the music industry is still a mafia. But it’s getting less and less as more power is given to artists and people.

Derulo says that it is an honor to sing Isley because he understands the rigors and nuances of vocal performance. He states clearly, “Ron has one of the most beautiful falsettos of any time.” “I love falsetto. To be great in falsetto, one must study the greats.

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the country, and Derulo is excited to get involved with projects and performances that were not possible the past year. “I’m looking forward to taking over the reins and doing some of our projects,” he says. “My first love of film was action and Marvel-style superhero action films. Those movies are my favorites, so I’d love to go deeper.

Derulo marvels at how far he has traveled since his debut. “Reaching 200 million [records] was a big deal for me, as it’s not something that many people have achieved in the music industry overall,” he proudly says. It’s pretty crazy to be a Black performer, especially when you reach those heights.

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