What’s Next For The World’s Most Expensive Whiskey?

Craft Irish Whiskey Company sold a box of rare, 30-year-old spirits at a record-breaking $2 million in February 2021. This was a shocking story that caused outrage and headlines. The liquid’s national identity was also a significant reason for this story. An account of the world’s most expensive whiskies used to be a list of single malt Scotch. This release changed the center of gravity to the Emerald Isle.
The luxurious seven-piece luxury box was appropriately named The Emerald Isle Collection. Jay Bradley, a proud Irishman and company founder says that the goal was not to create the most expensive whiskey. “It was all about making perfect whiskey. We were obsessed. We sourced the oldest and most rare triple-distilled whiskeys from the oldest distillery in the world, finished it in Pedro Ximenez barrels, and worked with top scientists to design the perfect drinking vessel. We were determined to make the best whiskey drinking experience.
It involved many different aspects. Apart from the central decanter, the set also contains a Faberge Celtic Egg handcrafted in emerald & 18-karat Gold; a 22k timepiece, also designed and made by the famed Russian jewel house; and a Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva with a gold-plated cutter. The set is a millionaire’s collection of collectibles. This was enough to beat out the 1926 bottle The Macallan that sold for $1.9 million in October 2019.
The Emerald Isle Collection donated the benchmark amount to a charity that supports children’s research in cancer. Some traditionalists, however, slammed the transaction as being too tinny because it involved more than that a bottle of alcohol. The brand’s debut expression, The Devil’s Keep (a 29-year old Irish single malt), fetched $60,000 per bottle in 2020. This excludes all other flashy trinkets.
What’s the best way to follow up on all this fanfare and hype? Bradley was asked this question earlier in the year. Bradley chose the Nemacolin Resort as the backdrop to his latest unveiling. It is the location of The Bachelor’s most recent episode and a stunning display that rises from unimaginable surroundings.
Bradley is deeply involved in this project, creating the $6500 offering as an ode to his late father. Double-distilled whiskey, the core of this product, was also distilled on January 22, 2001. This is the exact day Bradley left his homeland to start a new career in Australia.
“Broach is a shorter form of O’Brollachans — ancient renderings of my family’s name, and that’s why this release is all about,” says the entrepreneur. Following a long and fruitful conversation with my dad, I founded the Craft Irish Whiskey Co. He was passionately involved in Irish whiskey and taught me so much. This whiskey was named in his honor, and I remember him each time I taste it.”
The most common flavor is rich, robust malt. It combines the best of French Oak with ex-Madeira cooperage to create its finish. The malt is smooth and balanced, with a hint of floral. It’s also accompanied by butterscotch-burnt sugar. But, regardless of how great it tastes, will connoisseurs and collectors willingly shell out $6000 for scotch or Japanese whisky?
Bradley has put a lot of money into the affirmative. Bradley already sees positive results. Craft Irish Whiskey Co., in partnership with Faberge, is now working with the Michelin Guide to bring you the first-ever tableside whiskey experience at Michelin-starred restaurants.
One year ago, the company had enough revenue to start construction on a distillery within Dublin’s historic neighborhood. Dublin was once the world’s whiskey capital. On the other hand, Bradley is determined to bring back the region to its 20th Century glory.
“Despite what Scots may say, we invented whiskey. And we perfected the recipe right where I was raised in the Liberties of Dublin,” he declares. “We were the gold standard over centuries, and people couldn’t stop loving the flavor. The geopolitical issues of world wars, trade embargoes, and American Prohibition decimated Irish whiskey. “But our days of being overlooked have ended.”
This is not a tale of a comeback. Irish whiskey has been a top-selling spirit in America for more than ten years. This is a tale that has stature and prestige. Craft Irish Whiskey Company is an ambitious storyteller.

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