The 4 Traits All Great Leaders Have, According To A Billionaire Mentor

Robin Sharma is a personal coach for the world’s elite, including billionaires, humanitarians and sporting stars. He works with people who have discovered their purpose and recognized their value. They are aligned in their talent and mission and live happy lives. They love to get up every morning and start the day.

Sharma was interviewed about his ability to spot the signs of greatness and the clues that indicate someone is on the right track to achieve greatness. Sharma has been practicing his craft for over twenty-five years and has written twelve books, including bestsellers The 5 AM Club (best seller) and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (best seller). Sharma is open to any suggestions of success. His audience includes over one million entrepreneurs and business leaders. He offers regular guidance to help them navigate the path of continuous improvement.

These are the four characteristics that a mentor to billionaires believes indicate a future great leader.


Sharma says that future great leaders are more inclined to execute than to chit-chat. They get things done. They can recommend a book to someone early in the morning, and by lunchtime, they’ve downloaded the audiobook. Then they’re ready to learn. They don’t waste their time.”

This is the colleague who keeps her head down and ignores all the noise around her. This is the executive who makes no excuses and shows up ready for business. It’s the CEO that rips off all band-aids and doesn’t try to cover up any cracks. Future greatness is about intention over distraction and getting things done.


Empathy is a skill that allows someone to inspire and motivate others, making them an effective business leader. Sharma considers this a sign of greatness. When pondering the future leaders, Sharma said that “even when they’re young, they have a humanity, they evoke empathy.” This character is what wins the support and builds a tribe. The effect continues to compound. He is an exceptional performer who has a few loyal fans and continues to gain more. They keep producing, and the number grows. Then they sell out arenas, and their records are platinum. Empathy is the first step.

“Future great leaders will make you feel more powerful when they are around.” They don’t play with power; they have nothing to prove. They are humble, unassuming, and committed to serving others. They can empathize, connect, and think of others.


You can only get what you want if you do what no other person will do. It is not beneficial to fit in with the crowd, follow the herd or conform. It is not a good idea to wait to be chosen, and it is better to make a choice. Although Superstars are different from other stars, they stood out before they became famous.

Sharma says that you might be able to spot a future leader if they seem strange. “You must choose between being accepted by the majority or being an eccentric, misfit, pirate, or eccentric.” The future leaders of the best generation have made peace with this choice. They aren’t trying to be someone they’re not. They are happy to be called weird, odd, or kooky.


Sharma says great leaders understand the importance of time and have an incredible sense of perspective. They understand that wasting time now can cost them their future. They are aware that bad habits can come back to bite them. They operate at a higher level because of this perspective. They can cut through the noise and do so with grace and ease. They are relentless in their production and strive for excellence in delivery.

This perspective means that they refuse to act selfishly or greedily. “Achieved in the world, but peaceful within oneself.” This is paradoxically a great combination of being extremely ambitious and being content. Do not waste seconds for the sake of the decades.

They were not born this way. The signs of future leaders are obvious to anyone who is trained to see them. They are inexplicably intentional, unambiguously empathetic, proud to be different, and have a keen sense of time. It is possible to bring out the best in your early years and secure brighter days ahead.

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