How much money Instagram influencers earn

Instagram and influencers go hand in hand.

Influencers have made Facebook their primary platform for launching careers. Instagram influencers don’t have to have millions of followers to make money.

It is becoming more common for brands to look at smaller creators, such as “nano” or “micro” influencers with less than 100,000 followers. This means that a career in the creative industry is not a pipe dream.

It’s not easy to make money with Instagram. Instagram does not have a similar payment system to YouTube’s Partner program. Influencers are reliant on sponsored content to make their living. Sponsored content can take many forms, from sharing a photo to the main feed with #ad or sharing swipe-up links within a series of Stories.

These deals can also be offered at different rates.

Tyler Chanel, a micro-influencer, charges $100 for an Instagram Story and then goes up depending on the content or deliverables. In 2020, Alexa Collins, an influencer with over one million followers, charged up to $1,000 for a sponsored Story. Insider spoke to her in 2020.

Some influencers use formulas such as charging $100 per 10,000 followers to get these rates. However, not all influencers agree on the same formula.

Every deal must also take into account the influencer’s following, engagement metrics and niche. Additionally, each deal must calculate additional fees such as exclusivity, usage rights and timing.

However, sponsored content is not the only source of income for these influencers. It is, however, the most lucrative.

Instagram also offers monetization tools, such as DTC products and merchandise sales, that allow influencers to make money.

Through affiliate links, one influencer earned an average of $5,000 per month last year.

Insider spoke with over a dozen Instagram influencers to determine how they earn a living from the app and how much they charge brands for their sponsored content.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the Insiders’ Instagram money log series.

Brand deals and how much Instagram influencers make

Many influencers make an income by working with brands to create sponsored content.

How much do influencers charge for these deals?

17 Instagram influencers shared how much they earned from sponsored content. Here’s the complete breakdown of our coverage.

Influencers of “Macro” or “Mega”

  • Alexa Collins is a lifestyle influencer who has 1.2 million followers
  • Katy Bellotte is a lifestyle influencer who has 176,000 followers
  • Macy Mariano is a fashion and travel influencer with over 102,000 followers
  • Jade Darmawangsa is a YouTube creator with 382,000 subscribers and 52,000 Instagram followers
  • Symphony Clarke is a TikTok creator with 200,000 followers and 26,000 Instagram followers


  • Java Brown is a lifestyle and travel influencer with over 70,000 followers
  • Nick Cutsumpas is a prominent plant influencer who has 63,700 followers
  • Ashley Jones is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with over 45,000 followers
  • Emma Cortes is a lifestyle influencer, podcast host and has 38,000 followers
  • Britney Turner is a lifestyle influencer who has 27,000 followers
  • Caitlin Patton is a lifestyle influencer who has 22,000 followers
  • Gigi Kovach is a part-time lifestyle blogger, mom, to two children and has 13,500 followers
  • Tyler Chanel, a sustainability blogger with over 12,000 followers

Nano influencers

  • Khadijah lacey-Taylor is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with 9800 followers
  • Laur DeMartino is a full-time college student and nano influencer with 5,200 Instagram fans
  • Jen Lauren is a lifestyle blogger with over 2,900 followers.
  • Amber Broder is a part-time blogger and full-time student at college. She has 2,300 followers.

How influencers make money beyond brand deals

There are many ways to earn additional income on Instagram, including affiliate links and being tipped on an Instagram Live by your followers.

What is the average income of influencers through selling products or linking to other people?

Affiliate marketing

To earn a percentage, influencers use ShopStyle and LiketoKnow. to generate affiliate links or discount codes from brands.

Get tips with Instagram Badges.

Instagram introduced “Badges” in 2020. This allows users to tip creators who Livestream via the app. Instagram began paying creators who used Badges with “Bonuses” in June.

Continue reading:

  • Ronne Brown is an entrepreneur and content writer with more than 200,000 followers. She earns money using Instagram Badges.

Direct-to-consumer products, merch and merchandise

Instagram allows influencers to sell their products directly via the shopping feature. They can also leverage their audience to promote DTC products and brands.

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