Britney Spears asks judge to free her from conservatorship, calling it ‘abusive’

Britney Spears requested Wednesday’s hearing from a judge to end the court conservatorship that has ruled her life and finances since 2008.
She made the dramatic request at a Los Angeles hearing. It was her first time speaking in open court during the 13-year-old conservatorship.
Spears called conservatorship “abusive” and condemned her father as well as those who managed it.
Spears declared, “I want the conservatorship to be ended without being evaluated.” She made this long, emotional, and sometimes profane speech in which she condemned both the legal arrangement and her father, who had been in control of it for most of its existence.
She stated, “This conservatorship does me far more harm than good.” “I deserve a normal life.”
Spears stated that she would love to marry her boyfriend and have children but that the conservatorship will not allow it.
About 100 supporters from the #FreeBritney movement gathered in front of the courthouse to protest the hearing. They held signs reading “Free Britney now!” or “Get out Britney’s life!”
Jennifer Preston, 33, traveled from Richmond, Virginia, to be at the hearing. She says she is a mother and a fan.
Preston stated, “We’re here for her to tell us what she has,” She’s been treated as a child over the past 13 years. As a result, she hasn’t had any control over her finances or her life, even though she can do those things.
Spears spoke in court via phone.
Samuel Ingham III, her court-appointed attorney, requested that the pop star address the court during an April hearing. He stated that Spears had not asked him to file a petition for the end of the conservatorship.
Britney Spears has spoken before in court under conservatorship, but the courtroom was cleared and transcripts sealed.
She last addressed the judge in May 2019.
Spears has requested more transparency from the court in the past, and Penny has made it much easier for her to keep this information private.
She was going through a serious mental health crisis, and the conservatorship was established. It saved her money and kept her a top-flight pop star, as she credits it.
Her father and attorneys stressed that she and her fortune (court records show it to be more than $50m) are still vulnerable to manipulation and fraud. Spears would have to prove that she is competent to be released.

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