Jay-Z, Meek Mill And Celebrity Friends Surprise Billionaire Robert Kraft With A $240,000 Bentley For His 80th Birthday

Patriots–to get his 80th birthday? Rapper Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Philadelphia 76ers proprietor Michael Rubin, and other celebrity buddies knew precisely what Robert Kraft desired –a brand new Bentley.

“How The stunned birthday boy requested in a movie posted on Mill’s Instagram, two weeks later Kraft’s big moment. “Since we could not get it”, The that it is a grim Bentley Continental GT Speed Dial that Kraft had been coveting.

The generous friends–who’ve worked collectively on the Reform Alliance, a company they founded In 2019 to change America’s parole and probation system–managed to discover the uncommon Bentley and transportation via flatbed from Florida into Kraft’s brand new $43 million home in the Hamptons. Kraft, who’d seemingly been in the marketplace for a Bentley, had not yet determined on a particular model and make, but out of his response to Rubin introducing it at the movie, the buddies scored a severe touchdown with their talent.

The Reform Alliance was made shortly after Mill was re-imprisoned because of some parole violation. Rubin and Mill, who are longtime friends and Philadelphia natives, could frequently go over how the U.S. justice system handled some more unfairly than many others.

Which costs a few $240,000 with extras, was in production since 2003. The automobile weighs 5,200 pounds and boasts a particular air suspension program. And though Kraft’s version is a convertible, he might opt to drive with the best close since the double-layered glass provides a silent ride–even at high speed of 208 mph.

Given that Kraft’s buddies were generous, the bets have Been increased for Rubin’s birthday –when he concludes 49.

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