Spotify Mints Alexandra Cooper As Another Top-Earning Podcaster With $60 Million ‘Call Her Daddy’ Deal

Of slowing down today that it’s another A-list host into its roster. On Tuesday, the business announced it inked a deal to deliver”Telephone Her Daddy,” which is presently dispersed by Barstool Sports, solely into the stage.

The price is reported to be worth up to $60 million in 3 decades, which also cements Cooper among the top-paid podcasters from the business.

The deal comes just a month later. Spotify declared it had Reached a comparable licensing arrangement with”Armchair Expert” sponsor Dax Shepard and annually after the firm spent nine-figure amounts to obtain Bill Simmons'”The Ringer” and deliver”The Joe Rogan Expertise” exclusive to the stage.

Cooper’s meteoric rise reveals how fast podcasting can mint Stars, in addition to the growing pains of this sector as it evolves. She started co-hosting”Telephone Her Daddy” with Sofia Franklyn in 2018 beneath a large deal, together with Barstool paying every a beginning salary of $75,000. 2 decades after, it had been the fifth-most-streamed podcast on Spotify, but achievement caused a nasty contract dispute with Barstool creator Dave Portnoy that led in Franklyn’s passing. Cooper remained on after Portnoy provided a $500,000 salary and some of this series’s intellectual property.

But Cooper will have complete creative control.

That kind of cash and liberty has shown enticing for its Industry’s leading hosts, who have made money through advertisements and by submitting their displays as many programs as you can. Now Spotify has grabbed the largest names in the market; rivals like Apple, Amazon and SiriusXM (which possesses Stitcher and Pandora) are likely to have to perform catch-up.”I expect the Large podcast titles out there that are.

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