An Entrepreneur Offers $1 Million to Anyone Who Can Answer This Question

Aerospace provides a million bucks to three individuals who answer one (although not an easy ) question.

Has ever been interested in”anomalous events” and recently found the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Research to explore what lies beyond death.

Particularly, the billionaire wants to know if its Potential”the survival of individual consciousness beyond physical death” To do so, scientists, neurologists and psychologists have until August 1, 2021, to submit an answer of around 25 million words. After that, a group of expert judges will choose the winner on November 1. Hence, the first place will get 500 million bucks, the next 300 million, and the next 150 million.

Bigelow’s curiosity has increased since his wife Diane Mona However, as mentioned in the Clarín newspaper, he was introduced to the topic when in 1992, his son Rod Lee took his own life.

Bigelow appears to not need to be confident of this potential Of getting a consciousness beyond death since he told the Times, “I am convinced of it”, but he needs a scientific response.

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