Ex-commodities chairman Timothy Massad calls for more regulation of tether, stablecoins

Calling for greater regulation of stablecoins or cryptocurrencies made to be pegged to additional resources such as fiat money.

Timothy Massad, who headed the commission during a lot of this Obama government’s second term, told CNBC’s Jim Cramer that shareholders could benefit from more transparency in the aftermath of Tether Limited’s settlement with the New York lawyer’s general office in February.

Prized stablecoin and third-most precious cryptocurrency is supporting bitcoin and ethereum.

“We want a much better frame of law for tether and “We want a much better frame so that we could just make positive that there can not be a run on something like this.”

Tether and a connected firm, Bitfinex, agreed to an $18.5 Million settlement with prosecutors to close a probe into allegations that the companies, possessed by Ifinex, transferred money to pay an $850 million reduction.

Misrepresented the status of its reservations sometime in 2018 and 2019. While the firms admitted to no wrongdoing, Tether has been arranged to publish quarterly disclosures on its reservations.

This March report demonstrated some opaque applications of this cash That has been invested to the coins. According to the report, Tether held 13 percent of its resources in secured loans and 50 percent in commercial paper or short-term unsecured debt, Massad noted.

“We Don’t Have Any idea What Type of loans people are who they Are to” and”we do not understand what type of paper they are purchasing,” he explained. “It is All an issue so that I believe we want more disclosure, here.”

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